Are you a professional who is tired, stressed, and wants to start feeling better than just "okay"?  I will help you gain more energy, reduce stress, and lose weight so that you can prevent disease and have enough stamina to do what you love in life!

Many adults are busier than ever before and find it difficult to set aside time to take care of themselves.  As a Master Certified Health Coach, I will help you take simple, sustainable steps that will change your life!  With my special R.O.C.K. framework, we will work together to...

  • Remove stress to free up energy for aspects of your life that you want to focus on
  • Optimize small amounts of movement throughout the day to increase energy and metabolism
  • Create a life where you have a balanced relationship with food so you don’t have to rely on restrictive fad diets
  • Kickstart your confidence so that you can apply what you learn in this program to the rest of your life

And much more!  

lifestyle-plantGain more energy...

exercise-shoesMove more...

attitude-chessStress less...

nutrition-appleEat mindfully...

I've personally experienced many ups and downs with my health. Fortunately, I have been able to improve symptoms and feel more vitalized by making some simple and sustainable lifestyle changes, such as fitting in small amounts of movement throughout the day, eating a diet that balances whole foods with other foods I enjoy, and making sleep a priority.

Check out the "About" section of this website to learn a little bit more about me.  I look forward to helping you discover what works for YOU so you can feel better and live your best life!

Do any of the following apply to you?

✔️You've tried all of the strategies you can think of to improve your sleep and increase your energy, but you are still fighting to stay awake during the day

✔️You've restricted calories and counted points, and although you may have seen short term results, you end up gaining back the weight you've lost or weight loss comes to a halt

✔️You've participated in intense exercise programs that are too hard to sustain

✔️Your doctor has suggested that you lose weight, get more exercise, eat healthier, reduce stress, and/or get more sleep, but you are feeling overwhelmed and have no idea where to start 

There is hope! I will guide you to identify realistic strategies that are proven to work, help you overcome obstacles when you feel stuck, hold you accountable, and save you from wasting time and money on programs that do not provide sustainable results.  

Contact me to set up a FREE virtual 30 minute consultation so you can get your questions answered and learn how to change "I should" into "I did!"  

Book your complimentary consultation here: https://calendly.com/eehealthcoaching/30min

You may also email eehealthcoaching@gmail.com or call (608) 531-8188.  Looking forward to talking with you soon!  


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