Health Coaching

Health Coach Services

My services include group presentations on a variety of topics, workplace wellness programs, individual consultations with a free consultation session, and virtual group pantry makeovers.


Group Presentations

My informative and interactive health and wellness presentations provide useful tips and ideas for participants to implement in their lives. Topics can be tailored to meet the needs of the group, but they may include things such as sneaking in exercise throughout the day, maintaining a healthy lifestyle balance during the holidays, and decreasing your risk of developing heart disease. Partner with me to help the members of your club or organization learn about steps to take to feel better and live their best lives; email or call (608) 531-8188 to set up a consultation!

Workplace Wellness Programs

Research suggests that workplace wellness programs reduce medical costs by about $3.27 and absenteeism costs by approximately $2.73 for every dollar spent on program expenses (1). Furthermore, health coaching with a motivational interviewing focus helps to improve health outcomes in the workplace (2). My workplace wellness program services include one-on-one health coaching, group presentations, or a combination of both. Let's work together to develop a customized wellness program that fits your budget and will improve the productivity of your business! Email or call (608) 531-8188 to set up a consultation.

1. Baicker K, Cutler D, Song Z. Workplace wellness programs can generate savings. Health Aff (Millwood). 2010 Feb;29(2):304-11. doi: 10.1377/hlthaff.2009.0626. Epub 2010 Jan 14. PMID: 20075081.

2. Butterworth, Susan & Linden, Ariel & McClay, Wende & Leo, Michael. (2006). Effect of motivational interviewing-based health coaching on employees' physical and mental status. Journal of occupational health psychology. 11. 358-65. 10.1037/1076-8998.11.4.358.


"Shannon led 2 workshops for my client’s
virtual health fair. She presented "Balanced
Bites – Delicious, Energizing Snacks for Your
Busy Life".  She did cooking demos and made it
very engaging, involving all participants
asking them questions and takeaway points.
She shared 3 recipes and healthful tips on what
nutrients should be included in snacks and
why. The feedback received from participants
was that Shannon was knowledgeable,
engaging and provided great value. I’ll be
booking her again for upcoming wellness
-Amy S., Wellness Consultant


Individual Coaching

Individualized health coaching will help you achieve your weight loss, stress management, and energy goals in a way that fits in your life, without taking it over.   This is also accomplished in a way that works WITH your preferences and strengths, not against them.  We use motivational interviewing and positive psychology to help you figure out what is getting in the way of your goals so that you can finally create PERMANENT change.  You will discover your "why" or purpose for becoming healthier so you can rely on that strong foundation when the going gets tough.  Health coaching provides you with UNCONDITIONAL support and helps you get "unstuck" when you feel like giving up! Packages start at an investment of $500. Contact me to set up a free consultation:,, or (608) 531-8188.  


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"Shannon is an excellent listener. She is able
to ask questions and gather information in a
way that feels like a friendly conversation.
Additionally, Shannon gives meaningful
feedback from a place of support and care,
never from a place of judgement. She truly
wants to help people achieve their own
health goals without bringing a "package" or
preconceived notions of how to fix issues. We
began my sessions with very small, attainable
goals that I was able to maintain over time.
When a new healthier habit was formed, we
discussed next steps. The whole process was
very organic, allowing me to speak honestly
and openly. I would definitely recommend
Shannon to guide you through the process of
becoming a healthier version of yourself."
-Keira S., Sun Prairie


Pantry Makeovers

If you are looking to eat healthier and become more efficient at reading food labels, this virtual group pantry makeover session is for you! During this fun and interactive one-hour virtual session you will learn about which foods to enjoy daily, in moderation, and occasionally. You will also learn about healthy substitutions, food additives to avoid, and more! As part of this session, you will receive hard copy tools to help you find success in your quest for a healthier diet. Contact me ( or (608) 531-8188) to set up a group session for you and your friends or check out my "events" page to discover upcoming virtual group pantry makeover sessions.

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